Why Ultra LED Display Board for Advertisement

Why Ultra LED Display Board for Advertisement

Today, our lives have become much simpler and easier with advancing technologies. Just like laptops and mobile phones have taken over big screens like desktops and TVs, LED display boards are here to acquire and expand traditional Flex boards’ businesses. Due to technical and marketing benefits of LEDs, many small to big companies are shifting from traditional Flex boards to LEDs.
Some of the straight-forward benefits can be summarized in the following list:


Unlike many traditional Flex boards with heavy metal rings and big posters, LED boards are convenient and easy to transport and install.

Saving labor cost

Traditional boards like Flex require huge labor to build and maintain if the advertisements have to be big and bold in the center of a busy city. However, LED boards can be easily maintained and fixed with one to two technicians in case of malfunction.

Suitable for flow shows

Traditional boards have its limits on advertisements and its types, however, LED boards are suitable for any kind of flow show advertisements.


Nice appearance and simple structures

LED boards appear nice at the top of the building in the middle of the road with multiple advertisements at a time, unlike Flex with huge metals and woods having only one advertisement.

Jointed correctly, being installed & dismounted by one person without tool

If Flexes have to be installed, jointed, or dismounted at the top, it requires more labors compared to LED boards.

Humanized operating interface

LED boards are interactive and more engaging to human eyes like broken-down indicator lights and are very easy to maintain communication with targeted audiences compared to one imaged/pictured with no new information to pass on.

More Durable

LED screens are more durable and flexible relative to Flex boards.

Environment Friendly

As traditional Flexs are one of the main reasons for environmental pollution, LED boards are now available for the rescue.

Low maintenance Cost

Like mentioned above, maintaining LEDs are easier, simpler, and less costly than maintain a Flex board (as Flex board requires more human labor).

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