Digital Display Board Price in Nepal

Digital Display Board Price in Nepal

As an easy, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing replacement of traditional flex, Digital LED Display has taken over the market in Nepal. Starting from the core of the city, Durbarmarg to Thapathali from New Road to Tripureswor, you might have seen one of these displays. LED display boards add flairs to the environment and mesmerize and attract the audience. That’s why nowadays we can see these boards everywhere from government institutions, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, clubs, retail stores, etc.LED Boards are durable displays that are cloud-controlled and are very easy to operate. You can change the content with a click of a button. Isn’t that great?. With a robust design, strong build we can use these LED boards for both indoor and outdoor purposes. These LED boards are rugged and are mostly being used for outdoor purposes as its size is customizable according to our needs. A digital information board makes your brand more attractive than traditional billboards.

We hear PPI a lot while shopping for TV’s mobile etc. but what does that mean?, PPI is an abbreviation of Pixels Per Inch refers to how many individual pixels are displayed in one inch of a digital image. More the Pixel Per Inch, the clearer the display is. Likewise, in LED displays 1 pixel equals 1 Light-Emitting Diode (LED). There are fixed numbers of LEDs in a panel and the number of these LEDs defines the price of the panel. The distance between two LEDs is known as pixel pitch. Lesser the pixel pitch denser the LED presence in a display and hence higher pixel per sq. Feet which make the display more pleasing, with higher contrast ratio and vibrant colors and also increases the product’s price.

What is Pixel Pitch - YouTubePixel Pitch Defined and Why it Matters - Insane Impact

Pixel pitch (P) shows the amount of space between two pixels therefore, a smaller pixel pitch means less space between pixels, which makes a better display. The more the Pixel Pitch more Pixelated the display is. For example, P2 boards have a 2 mm distance between two LEDs, and the minimum viewing distance is 2 meters. The minimum viewing distance defines the distance between the viewer and the board. While using P2 boards, the audience can enjoy the best view if the viewer maintains a distance of over 2 meters. So, in P2 boards the density of LED pixels is high therefore the costs get high. The same case is for P4, P6 P8 and P10 LED Display. Hence, the price depends on the viewing distance and size of the board, and pixel pitch. The cost also depends on different components used in the board, for example video processing unit, sensors (Temp, Humidity), etc.

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