High Quality Outdoor LED Board at Sundhara

High Quality Outdoor LED Board at Sundhara

Sundhara, also known as the commercial district is the most popular area in Kathmandu for shopping complexes, clothing stores, movie theaters, traditional and modern eateries hubs. The best part of Sundhara is the Dharahara Tower, Bhimsen Sthambha, a once-soaring 19th-century watchtower having twenty-two stories and 72 meters tall. Sundhara has always been peoples’ best place of choice for hang-outs, chill and relaxing, shopping, indulging in entertaining activities and all.

Since Sundhara is the center and heart of people and the city, Ultra LED grasped the opportunity for making it an advertisement hub with its High Quality LED Display Board. With the help of Ultra LED’s Board, all advertisements have Crystal Clear videos and pictures quality with broad visibility to targeted audiences.

Here is how Ultra LED’s advertisement board looks from afar at Sundhara.

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