Interactive Smart Board in Nepal : Elevate Your Message, Communication & Productivity

Interactive Smart Board in Nepal : Elevate Your Message, Communication & Productivity

Ultra LED Display’s interactive boards are poised to revolutionize the landscape of communication in Nepal. By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces, these interactive boards transcend traditional communication methods. In boardrooms and classrooms alike, the interactive capabilities of Ultra LED Display’s boards enable vibrant presentations, dynamic discussions, and collaborative learning experiences.

Use of Interactive Smart Board in Different Industry

In the corporate sector, these boards enhance efficiency during presentations and meetings, fostering a more engaged and interactive environment. In educational institutions, the interactive boards bring a breath of fresh air to traditional teaching methods. They transform classrooms into dynamic spaces where students actively participate, learn, and collaborate. The integration of features like screencasting and recording allows educators to create engaging content, facilitating a more interactive learning journey. In public spaces, retail environments, and customer service areas, these boards become interactive information hubs. Users can navigate, explore, and receive real-time updates, creating a more engaging and informative experience.

Features Advantages Benefits Applications
Commercial-grade display Easy to use and update Content can be changed at a moment’s notice Advertising a product
Easy to use software Reinforcing brand recognition More attention from passersby Promote an event
Dynamic content integration Cut the cost of new creative Greater recall and retention rates Raise awareness for a cause
Content Scalability Minimal maintenance Multi-user access Display content along with the date, time, and weather
Remote monitoring Broadcast time-sensitive messages Interoperability Display Special hours
Multi-screen & synchronization capabilities Enhanced engagement with greater satisfaction Support for a variety of media formats Communicate brand values


1. Interactive Boardroom Display:

Product Overview:

The Interactive Boardroom Display, driven by Ultra LED technology, is a large-format touchscreen display designed to redefine the way meetings and presentations unfold in Nepal’s corporate settings.

Interactive Display Board Price in Kathmandu
Interactive Display Board Price in Kathmandu


  • Endless Canvas/Pages: A vast visual space that unleashes creativity.
  • Multi-language Recognition: Seamlessly caters to linguistic diversity.
  • Multiple-finger Gesture Recognition and Control: Intuitive touch interactions.
  • Text and Shape Recognition: Enhances presentations with versatile content.
  • Screen Casting and Recording: Facilitates sharing and preservation of dynamic content.


  • Versatility in Use: Ideal for active learning, presentations, and video conferencing.
  • Engaging and Informative: Captivates audiences with vibrant visuals.
  • Built-in Software: Streamlines processes for time and cost savings.
  • Increased Interactions and Collaborations: Fosters teamwork and decreases the gap between teachers and learners.
  • High Quality Content Consumption, Bezel-Less Design: Aesthetically pleasing and impactful.

Using Method in Nepal:

Tailored for meeting rooms, Education learning and conference halls in Nepal, the Interactive Boardroom Display transforms presentations and discussions, fostering a collaborative and engaging environment.

2. Interactive Kiosks:

Product Overview:

Interactive Kiosks by Ultra LED are versatile self-service solutions offering customizable digital content for various purposes in Nepal.

interactive koisk display board in Kathmandu
interactive koisk display board in Kathmandu


  • Filling out an Application: Streamlining processes.
  • Requesting an Appointment: Improved customer experience.
  • Applying for a Credit Card: Self-service convenience.
  • Submitting Feedback: Real-time engagement.
  • Wayfinding: Navigation assistance.


Using Method in Nepal: Interactive Kiosks serve as dynamic information hubs in Nepal, offering engaging content in retail, tourism, and information sharing, enhancing customer experience and facilitating seamless interactions.



  1. Transforming Colleges and Educational Institutions: In the education sector, Interactive Digital Display Boards are becoming indispensable tools for modern learning environments. Colleges in Nepal are utilizing these boards to facilitate interactive lectures, presentations, and collaborative learning experiences. Ultra-powered displays enable educators to incorporate multimedia content seamlessly, fostering a more immersive and effective educational journey for students.
  2. Revolutionizing Office Spaces: Digital transformation is reshaping the way offices function, and Interactive Digital Display Boards are at the forefront of this evolution. In corporate settings across Nepal, these displays are employed for interactive meetings, presentations, and collaborative brainstorming sessions. Ultra-powered features enable seamless connectivity with various devices, enhancing communication and productivity within the workplace
  3. Customer Experience in Banks : Interactive kiosks in banks can serve various purposes to enhance customer service, improve efficiency, and provide information. A bank display board interactive kiosk can be strategically placed in branches or other high-traffic areas

The adoption of Interactive Digital Display Boards powered by ultra-technology is shaping a new era for businesses and institutions in Nepal. Whether in restaurants, colleges, offices, or retail spaces, these displays are enhancing communication, engagement, and efficiency, ultimately contributing to the overall progress of the country’s diverse industries.

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