Nepal’s First Ultra LED Board Supplier

At Ultra Led Display, We provide complete solution of LED Display Boards, Digital Signage , Large Media / Advertisement RGB LED Display’s, LED Currency Display Boards, LED Token Display Boards, Digital timekeepers etc. We have a dedicated team who streamlines your needs and fulfill the deliverable to your doorsteps.

Digital Nepal – Digital LED Display Board

Traditional hoarding boards, Signs and  Flex Printed Advertisements are slowly being replaced by LED boards in Major business areas of Nepal. Because of LED Display Board’s programmatic functionality it’s application is broad. We can use it for simple Information display board, advertisements, digital signage’s etc. and many more. Ultra LED Display  have been providing LED Display board Solutions since the year 2014 and have served more than 100 customers across Nepal.

Our Products

At Ultra LED display, we provide complete solution of Digital LED Boards for Hospitals, Hotels, Airports, Banks and Malls in Nepal. We also provide rental facilities of led display boards in Nepal for events and concerts.

Overall Benefits of LED Display Solutions

Increase Customer Base, Prolonged stay, Boost Sales, Strength Brands, Enhance employee efficiency, Impress Visitors and customers , Enhance staff confidence, Presentation, Backdrop/background display, Video conferencing, CCTV monitoring, Entice customers curiosity

Product Types:

1. Indoor digital LED display boards
2. Outdoor digital LED display boards
3. Interactive digital LED display boards
4. Podium display boards
5. Information Scrolling display boards
6. Multicolor or mono color display boards

Our Solutions

Ultra led display solution adds flair to the environment mesmerizes your audience and improves their overall experience elevating your brand to greater heights. Our display solutions provide the user with a system that is far superior to the old paper signage systems and replacing billboards.

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