Ultra LED P8 Knightlight Outdoor RGB Display board at koteshwor

Ultra LED P8 Knightlight Outdoor RGB Display board at koteshwor

LED display boards are extremely popular these days in commercial advertisements. The display boards are considered to be one of the most used and effective marketing tool in commercial industry. With the help of LED boards, commercial businesses can easily reach wider audience with engaging and entertaining displays.

Commercial LED boards are usually operated in public places that are designed to attract potential customers in various environment and to serve enterprises and businesses regardless of their niche.
With growing businesses and market competition, Ultra LED has been working as a business ally to lessen extra hassle of advertisement and marketing through its High Quality Outdoor Display Board. The prime purpose of Ultra Led is to serve enterprises’/ businesses’ advertisement needs.

Therefore, in order to serve its clients’ needs better, Ultra Led has installed another LED Display Board at one of the most prime location, Koteshwor. Koteshwor is the center of Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, and Lalitpur with high number of population flow through-out a day. The location is perfect advertisement hub in case of wider public appearance.

Ultra LED has recently installed High Quality Outdoor LED Display Board at Koteshwor near Police Station. The picture and video quality in the display board are crystal clear and highly apparent to its targeted audience.

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