There has been a lot of buzz recently about ultra HD LED display, and the impact it will have on the events and entertainment industry. Technical talk about ultra HD displays can be difficult to understand, but it is worth learning about. These incredible projections are being used by planners to present their concepts and messages in a unique way to guests at events, and it is becoming increasingly popular. Here’s what event planners need to know about  ultra HD  LED display vs. normal LED  displays, and how they can transform bars, lounges, casinos, airports, and other venues.

Benefits of Ultra LED displays:

  • More Brightness than  the  normal LEDs.
  • Less Power consumption.
  • Durability.
  • Insensitive to rain.
  • Multiple choice of languages: such as Numbers, letters, Chinese, English, etc. 
  • Rich information display mode: each information can be customized to its display mode and stay time, can be arranged in any way, very flexible. 
  • Various information encryption methods: if the user needs to set the information to send the identification code and the check code, or only receive the special number. Ensure information security. 

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