Ultra LED P10 Red Color Display | Digital Display Board in Nepal

Ultra LED P10 Red Color Display | Digital Display Board in Nepal

P10 Red Color Display Features:

  • Text, Picture, Time, Timing, Temperature and humidity display
  • Support program border, regional border settings, custom borders
  • A variety of action display
  • More than 40 kinds of text effects display
  • Support for simple animations word
  • Support outline fonts, stroke fonts and other settings
  • Support for regional text background settings
  • Support Digital Clock/ Dial Clock / Lunar Time/
  • The font size color and position can be set freely
  • Temperature sensor to show current temperature


Ultra LED P10 Red Color Display is extensively used in different commercial places to display messages and important information digitally and hassle-free way.

It is a good replacement of traditional notice boards as it delivers messages very efficiently and easily.

P10 Red Color Display in Nepal (Mono-color) is available in different sizes, shapes, designs and color specifications
according to the requirements of customers.

Ultra LED P10 Red Color Display
Ultra led red color display or P10 red color is the popular outdoor display in Nepal

Scrolling Message Displays are available in various options such as Single Line Scrolling Display, Double Line Scrolling Display, and Multiline Scrolling Display.

It has a built in feature of showing date, time and temperature.


The scrolling digital LED board by Ultra LED is a cutting-edge display solution that seamlessly combines advanced technology with eye-catching visuals. This dynamic signage system utilizes high-quality LED lights to deliver vibrant and attention-grabbing messages in a scrolling format. With its sleek design and customizable features, businesses can effortlessly showcase dynamic content, advertisements, announcements, and more.

P10 Outdoor LED Board Price in Nepal

Normally the price of outdoor led board varies on the series like SMD Red, DIP Red, Text Video.  As the price of  P10 series price in Nepal are :-

S.N. Model Brand Price
1 P10 SMD Red Text Ultra LED 3,500
2 P10 DIP Red Text Ultra LED 4,000
3 P10 RGB Text Ultra LED 5,100
4 P10 RGB video Ultra LED 6,500

Additional information



Size (width*height*Depth)



Led lamp 546 and Epistar Chip SM16188 IC


≥3500 cd/m2


1 Year