Interactive Boardroom Display

Interactive Boardroom Display

Interactive boardroom display allows users to interact with digital content on a large display in real-time, enhancing collaboration and productivity. Ultra LED Display has been providing top notch boardroom display since its establishment.

Sizes available are: 65″, 75″, 86″ display



An interactive boardroom display enables users to make vibrant visual presentations and control on-screen data through digital touchscreen interactions. Interactive Ultra LED Display (IULD) is a  large-format touchscreen display ideal for meeting rooms and conference halls.

Features Advantages
Endless Canvas/ Pages – Can be used for Active learning, Presentation, Video Conferencing, etc.
Multi-language recognition – Engaging and Informative
Multiple-finger gesture recognition/control – Built-in software
Text and Shape recognition – Time and cost-saving
Screen casting – Increased interactions and collaborations
Screen recording – Decreases the gap between teacher and learner
– High-quality content consumption (Bezel Less)
– HDMI, VGA, Ethernet Interface
– Pixel Composition 1R1B1G
Interactive Boardroom Display in Nepal
Interactive boardroom displays in Nepal are designed to enhance collaboration and productivity in meetings, by making it easy for participants to share and review information in real-time.


  • Enhanced support for all learning styles
  • Inclusive and flexible learning environment
  • Greater efficiency for time-strapped users.
  • Aesthetically pleasing



  • Office Display Solution
  • High Resolution conferences and meetings
  • Smart, Digital and Interactive Classroom
  • Product’s feature demonstration device
  • Labs and Experiments can be conducted with the display
  • Endless canvas and quality touch input make this display appropriate for artists, painters etc.

Interactive Smart Board Price in Nepal

Here are the list of price for smart board in Nepal, The price of interactive smart board is varies in sizes .

S.N. Model Size Price
1 Interactive Boardroom Display 55 inch 177,000
2 Interactive Boardroom Display 65 inch 205,000
3 Interactive Boardroom Display 75 inch 253,000
4 Interactive Boardroom Display 86 inch 392,000
5. OPS PC 57000