P2 Indoor Display Board

P2 Indoor Display Board



Product name (Product name): Indoor P2 full-color module (P2 Indoor Display Board)

Product model (Product model): M-P2F321515M-M12864SA1

Spacing (Pixel Pitch): 2 mm

LED Spec (LED Spec): SMD1515RGB

Version number (Version number): V1.0



  1. Main technical parameters

LED parameters (for reference only, the parameters are different according to different shipment batches) (T=25 ℃)

Product number Product model color Color IF(mA) TEST Rd(nm) Typ Iv(mcd) Typ Vf(V) Typ View angle (deg.)
SMD1515 Red 8 620 50 2.0 110
Green 5 525 170 3.0 110
Blue (Blue) 3 470 twenty


3.0 110


Pixel pitch 2mm
Pixel density 250000dots/㎡
Cell board resolution 128 points wide X 64 points high
Module size Width 256mm X Height 128mm X Thickness 13.6mm
Module weight 0.25kg
Driveway 16-bit constant current drive (PWM)
scanning method 1/32 sweep
Operating Voltage DC5V±10%
Maximum current 5A
Maximum power consumption 25W
Power connector VH4
Signal interface HUB75D(IDC16)
brightness ≥800cd/㎡
Color temperature 9000±500K
Perspective Horizontal viewing angle 120 ° Vertical viewing angle 120 °
Best viewing distance ≥2m
Grayscale ≥14 Bit
Brightness and chromaticity correction stand by
Refresh rate ≥ 1920 Hz (depending on the system load)
Load range Width 128 points, maximum height 256 points (typical value)
Brightness adjustment range 0 to 255 adjustable
Service life 50,000 hours
Operating temperature -20 ℃ to 60 ℃
Working humidity 10%-95%RH without condensation
storage temperature -40 ℃ to 80 ℃