Display Boards For Educational institutions/ Colleges / University

Display Boards For Educational institutions/ Colleges / University

It’s very much important to convey important information to the students. Information can be conveyed regarding student details, examination schedules and other information can be displayed on the boards. Display Boards For Educational institutions/ Colleges / University will surely boost the information of any educational institutes by displaying information digitally.

Digital display boards will help to increase the reputation of universities and schools as it provide the related information digitally. Most of the student find obsolete notice very boring. Keeping led scrolling board on the entrance gate of the universities or college, you can attract more students and students will also be able to get important notices while entering to the college or university premises. By using digital boards, you can also attract other students to get admission in your college or universities. 

 Most of the Nepalese prefer Ultra LED boards because of its high-quality nature, durability and waterproof and dust-proof nature and this is very much affordable than other brands.

You can put display boards on the following areas of School:

  • Cafeteria: You can display the daily menu.

  • Reception areas: You can provide information regarding teachers, class cancellations, etc.

  • Entrance Gate: You can write welcome messages and congratulations messages.

  • Recreational areas: You can provide information of ongoing games and, the best player.

  • Libraries: You can provide information of updated new books, time of opening and, closing.

  • Conference hall: Using led video display board, you can show the videos and student’s activities on the LED boards.

  • Staff rooms: You can put signage boards that show time and, temperature. You also can put video wall as well to watch the activities of the staffs.

  • Notice board: Digital Notice board is the most effective way to relay messages and notices to the students and, their guardians. Putting notices on written paper looks messy and, none prefer to read those notices. Thus, LED notice board is the best way to make students to read every single notice displayed on the board

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