RGB / single-color scrolling LED Board for Government Offices

RGB / single-color scrolling LED Board for Government Offices

The government of Nepal is focusing on the use of technology for every governmental service. LED boards are very helpful for government information broadcast and display.
All government offices need to display their services so that every stakeholder can get information easily and conduct their respective job. Especially those government agencies which have enormous contact with general people have huge use of technology products that shows information. 

Information generally displayed in offices are:

  • information about the office
  • service hours of office-types of services offices provide
  • procedures of service
  • notices about the service
  • notices about the employee
  • notice about programs

These are general information that is needed to be displayed in government offices. In addition, pictorial representation of signs and symbols are also necessary to show in government offices. This practice of showing information makes the workflow of government easy and smooth. Because of the reliability of the product, Efficiency and easy to use features many Scrolling LED Boards can now be seen in the gates of Government Offices and help desks.

Traditional Flex boards and Light boards are not very efficient and useful compared to LED boards because LED boards are environmentally friendly, easy to update information, stands out in the crowd (visibility) and can be easily assembled and installed,

Ultra LED Display can be of use for the government. We provide the best-LED services in town. We consult our team of experts and the government agency to display information in LED boards in the best and most effective way so that targeted people get their information easily.
According to the service requirement, we have a variety of display boards with a variety of features. Ultra LED Display has been providing services of LED boards in different corporate houses. We can see our boards in service for years in the main ways and junctions inside Kathmandu Valley. With our experience in the LED world, We are confident that we can provide the best service of LED to any government agency.

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