P3 Indoor Display Board

P3 Indoor Display Board



Product name (Product name): Indoor P3 full color (P3 Indoor Display Board)

Product model (Product model): M-P3F322121M-M6464SA1 (2)

Spacing (Pixel Pitch): 3mm

LED Spec (LED Spec): SMD2121RGB

Version number (Version number): V1.0

  1. Main technical parameters

LED parameters (for reference only, the parameters are different according to different shipment batches) (T=25 ℃)

Product number Product model colour Color IF(mA) TEST Rd(nm) Typ Iv(mcd) Typ Vf(V) Typ View angle


SMD2121 Red 15 620 50 2.0 110
Green 10 525 170 3.0 110
Blue (B lue) 8 470 twenty


3.0 110


Pixel pitch 3mm
Pixel density 111111dots/㎡
Module resolution 64 points wide X 64 points high
Module size Width 192mm X Height 192mm X Thickness 15mm
Module weight About 290g
Driveway 16-bit constant current drive
scanning method 1/32
Operating Voltage DC5V±10%
Maximum current 3.5A (typical value) ①
Maximum power consumption 17.5W (typical value) ②
Power connector VH4
Signal interface HUB75D(IDC16)
Maximum brightness ≥800cd/㎡
Color temperature 9000±500K
Perspective ≦ 140°
Best viewing distance ≥3m


 Grayscale  ≥14bit
Brightness and chromaticity  stand by correction
Refresh rate ≥ 1920 Hz
Load range Width 128 points, maximum height 256 points
Brightness 0 to 255 adjustable adjustment range
Typical lifetime 50,000 hours Operating temperature      -20 ℃ to 60 ℃
Working humidity 10%-90%RH without condensation storage
 temperature -40 ℃ to 80 ℃


P3 Indoor LED Display Board Price in Nepal

Normally the price of indoor led display varies on the series like P1,P2, P3…P7.  As the price of  P3 series is less than p1,p2 and P3 Which is 8500.

Model Pixel Pitch Minimum Viewing Distance Price Per Sqft (Start ranges from)
P3 3mm 3meters Rs 8500