Digital LED Display Board for Government in Nepal

Digital LED Display Board for Government in Nepal

Government Municipalities and local bodies are using Digital LED Information Display Boards. The commonly used digital boards are P10 single color Red LED Boards. The Led scrolling boards used in government are used for displaying information like, department name, address, token number, weather information etc.

These days led display boards are very widely used in Nepal mostly in kathmandu. The Light Emitting Diode (LED) boards mostly used in government offices are red led’s. Because of the visibility of the color red the red led boards are widely used for information display purposes.

We, Ultra led Display have manufactured supplied and installed many information board for Government offices. Our clients include Nepal Army, different municipalities and government agencies. We have also provided LED wall Display facilities for different government programs.

The main purpose of the government information boards are :

1. Digital Branding of Municipality / Local Bodies

2. Digital Signage for Information

3. Digital Citizen Charter in Nepal, Nagarik Wadapatra Display (डिजिटल नागरिक वडापत्र)

4. Information for General Purpose

5. Scrolling Information Display

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