Digital Display Board For Hospitals and Health Care

Digital Notice Board

Hospital can manage centrally under one brand unite public and office spaces with common messaging through digital notice board, targeting when and where to reach different audiences and promote outreach to build out community.

By Sarita Ghimire



Digital Display board are use to communicate and  target different audiences for different purposes every day. Visiting hrs in lobby, upcoming cases for outpatient services and policy reminders for staff. Digital information board shows multiple dynamic media on screen to reach the right people in the right place at the right time. Digital notice board  grabs attention with the motions, where digital counter board reduce perceived wait times and cues and give you the perfect communication tool to engage,Video display board catch emotions and motivate your audience. You can Show announcement, videos and auto-updating content like news, weather, advance schedule and social media feeds. Digital Information board  can be modded anywhere and you can show more messages and more often. Outdoor rental display board also replace the clutter boards and posters so you often don’t have to take them off for recycling when they get old.


Usages of Digital Display Board For Hospital and Health Care

  1. For visitors and patients;Hospitals can improve the visitor experience and aid stress by displaying community health program on Digital Display board.

  2. Length of stay scrolling led display board. Patients may stay for a long time as per the treatment of diseases.
  3. Provide way-finding maps display board and queuing information.
  4. Increase participation in events and education and advertise on-site services ( Cafes, gift shops,and other site services ) through advertisement display board.
  5. Helpful in Hospital Wards and operation theater through Video digital display board.
  6. In out patient department information regarding appointments, schedule medical consultations and other allied services can be displayed.

  7. In case of an emergency  you can instantly display and replace override playlist on single screen or screen across the entire system.

  8. Guide patents about different information regarding health care, procedure and Hospital culture.

  9. Share health facts through Video digital display board.

  10. News, delays and Important information. 

  11. Emergency notification led scrolling board etc. 

  12. In operation theater Segment display board are used to display the time duration.

Video Display Solution in Operating Theater

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